medieval lance

Oh, Hey There! Did you think this was an info link about why I made a 3D lance on my homepage?

Well it's not, but I do like Medieval stuff. You should check out my castle - then please hire me!

<-- The link is over there.


* Available for freelance opportunities - full portfolio available upon request - Contact Me!
Chicago based multidisciplinary designer with a primary background in User Experience, User Interface design and Front End Development. In addition, also proficient in Motion and 3D design, rendering a unique technical perspective and execution of digital deliverables through multiple mediums. Strong collaborator based on awareness of these disciplines, allowing for effective, realistic timelines and deliverables.

Made in small town Ohio, educated at DAAP at U of Cincy, professionally developed in NYC & Chicago.

Appreciator of design, history, architecture, 3D, and well done experiences.

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